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tv   [untitled]    June 3, 2011 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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do it again, and we will see how they have changed the space, what they have added and taken away. >> no further questions? thank you very much common -- not very much, -- thank you, and we have mike nolte. >> i am the executive director of district 6, and i remember the advocate, and when they came to our organization -- etiquette when they came to our organization, so i have seen the venue. it is a shame there was water damage done. it is not in their boundaries.
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it is north of market, and we like to see a storefronts along that market 0 cannot -- open up, because that is one of the goals as well as the alliance for district 6, because that predates. we are glad when something like the community benefit district gets form, because it saves us from doing some of the things we would like to see happen. it is very important for the tourists as well as the night life, because they do make a mess with cigarette butts and listening to some of the testimony about urination, and what they end up cleaning up its finances after patrons -- is the
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mess after patrons. we are in favor of getting the permit, because we would like to see new venues established as one of our goals to work with new businesses as long as they have the proper good neighbor policies in place, and since this is an existing 10 year -- venue, and our only concern is that it maintains itself as a good neighbor. i also have offices across the street at the grant a building. we have been waiting to see what will happen. we want to see that there will be more businesses along eighth street, so we welcome the new venue. thank you. >> any other members of the
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public wish to address this? seeing none, the item is with the commission. i have a motion. >> i wish to address this. >> i second that. >> i need a point of clarification as far as the recommendations from southern station and whether or not the commission is including those in their move to approve. >> with respect to the three conditions, the third condition being securities with the same clothing, that is already addressed in the security plan. i was just discussing the motion since you are looking pages.
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>> i just wanted to find this, and this is company b. i just need to find its. thank you very much. i appreciate it. i am ok with one. as the applicant intends to do valet parking? if you do valet parking, you need a valet parking permit. i am ok with those conditions. >> do we have a motion?
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>> we have a motion. >> i have a question. with respect to the first condition, it talks about requiring that you retain the information for 30 days. he suggested he had no interest in doing that, despite the fact he was coming off with some sort of device to check ids. >> this is a surveillance video. >> excuse me. i am fine. >> your motion has been seconded by commissioner meko. [calling bovotes] >> the motion is passed. [applause]
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>> item 5a, a place of entertainment. >> i have a point of disclosure, and i am going to make a motion. i spoke with the city attorney. my disclosure is that although i have no dealing with the applicants, the attorney have been to be when my attorney as well. i would like to recuse myself. in this instance i would have to have a motion to be dismissed. >> a second for the refusal. [calling votes]
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>> you are excused. commissioner kane: this is the continuation of the item from last month. just to keep its move, you have documents from the planning with the proposed conditions, so the permits are mechanical amusements, and i will turn it over. >> if i may, as a reminder -- i am the attorney, and we were here last week. this is an application from my
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client. she is purchasing from the existing e -- llc. it will be operated much the way it has in the past. we asked for a continuance so we can get in touch with community groups, and ms. steiner has done that, and it has generated more letters of support, specifically who she's go to -- who she spoke to, and phone calls were made. the commissioner asked miss steiner to speak about that. >> with the exception about the concerns for the possible lack
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of significant community outreach, i recognize commissioner meko on this issue. >> i would like to congratulate you and thank you very much for the degree of outreach for the surrounding community you have gone through. the whole idea behind the good neighbors policy is if you are a factor of five -- that, you cannot have a good neighbor policy without all those elements working together. i think it is a good idea to put some of these folks on your vip list as well. i used to say if he would just invite the neighbors over to some of the more interesting of
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venice, he would not have trouble with his neighbors. it looks like he has done a good job in reaching out and helping establish a better relationship with the folks around you. the one to thank you very much, and i support your permit application. -- i want to thank you very much, and i support your permit a vacation. -- permit application. >> good afternoon. as far as the station, the gentleman was the first -- >> officer edison. >> officer edison was the first person i contacted, and that did not arise, and it is pretty
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much in one year's worth of video, so he mentioned he has no issues with it. >> they recommend an approval with the condition of installing a security camera at the front entrance. do you have a camera there already? >> yes.
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>> you signed up to go first. i would like to have heard the list of community groups. it is fine, because i think it needs to exist. we seem to be losing some bars that have a long history in the san francisco community.
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i do not know -- is there a list given not to them? -- given out to them? >> usually before they apply, they are given our outreach policy, and there is a link to the planning department website that is very useful, so other than that, we can of about other
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groups that may be involved in the level of community policing. >> district 6 has five police units in it, and people seem to overlook us. we actually have two members received planning notices from the planning department curator -- department. we know that the south of market community has various groups. the alliance for district 6 in
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is part of that, among others. >> any other members wish to address this item? >> just a quick suggestion i want to share with you. i was going to suggest the direction we are heading into is we are looking a 72 hours during road -- into 72 hours. you are welcome to do what you choose, but i want to share that our primary interest is significant events. we're all going to know when they happen, and 72 hours is
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more than enough. >> she had -- she said they had the capacity to restore it for a year. >> in the spirit of where we are heading, i am taking this opportunity to talk about not what we are not talking about. where we are heading in 72 hours. >> do we have a motion? >> we have consistently used 30 days as a standard, and i do not seen a need to reevaluate that. >> do we have a second gunman -- a second? [calling votes]
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[applause] >> thank you for coming by and responding to our request. >> this is christopher daly doing business at the tavern. this is a permit did use -- permit use, and until the planning is resolved, we will
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not approve any permits, but i know reason to stop us from conditional approval, should you see fit. >> do we have any questions? any members of the public which to address the permits. >> since this is an established bar already, the permanent -- we are asking that the permit they are requesting be approved.
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>> a -- seeinge? none. >> i am disappointed former supervisor daly is not your -- not here. >> this is the third time it has been on the agenda. [calling votes] >> it is conditionally approved the to resolving their issues with the planning department. >> they are doing business with karaoke, a place of entertainment permit for the karaoke establishment.
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no food or alcohol, and there will be a security staff member keeping their area around the venue safe. >> good evening. >> we hav been in business since 1985, and they have a new law, so i need to put it together, since our business has been there since 1995 with no fighting or problems, so i hope i can get approval. >> thank you superior -- thank
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you. any commissioner's questions? >> they are hiring an outside security card -- security guard. from a company? >> yes. >> you say the customers have to leave an id at the door? >> yes. >> you take your driver's license? >> yes. >> thank you. >> i actually did the sound test this last week and, -- weekend, and i was very pleasantly surprised. you know i have been tossed -- testing a lot o karaoke places. it was the first of found that
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leaks no sound. we have no complaints from neighbors, and the soundproofing is very thorough. it is directly across the street. it was a nice thing to find. >> thank you, and thank you for doing such a great job. >> can you tell us what kind of neighborhood out reached you were able to do?
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>> i sent a letter that i had a permit, and i sent the phone number to them, and we stopped together and had a gallery in the coffee shop. >> and the members of the public wishes to comment? seeing none. >> i have a question for the director. no. force those reaching no. 4 says all the windows and doors of the karaoke room -- number for says all the windows and doors of the karaoke room. is this something that the bronx? >> that was a change in -- that belongs? >> that was a change made in the
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last few years. i think it was related to karaoke. >> it has become standard condition on of a permit for karaoke establishments, because in the past karaoke stations -- karaoke establishments were used for activities and curator -- activity. >> i have never seen that before, but number four is a reiteration of something that is already there. >> we have a motion? i moved that the application be approved with all the conditions
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set forth by the police department. [calling folks -- votes] >> item 6, comments and questions. >> this is a comment. i want to invite all of you on this coming friday from 7:00 on. it is photographs of john lennon taken from his girlfriend during that time when he was separated from dugo own known -- from yoko ono.
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she will be there. she is a true beatles insider and will remain so. she keeps in touch with the beatles and their current wives. the days -- the biggest thing is that it is 100% absolutely free to get in. it is produced by a nonprofit i am happy to be a part of. we do things for the public all the time. come down and hang out with the beatles generation. it is going to be fun. >> it is free to get in, but you have to pay $25 to leave. very nice. that looks good. do you know the across st.
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tammany -- across st. now? -- the cross street? >> you should come. >> any other commissioners comments or questions? he has a young baby at home. he cannot be going out. commissioner meko: i would like to also mention the basic theme of the plan will be underground entertainment. we are going to call it underground entertainment.
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6:00, 1426 st.. and that's it. >> thank you. >> and the others? >> al qaedai look forward to lok discussing limited performance on may 24th. the official it includes today's the official it includes today's meeting of the san francisco and
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